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888 Migration was founded with one idea in mind – Great Service

888 Migration Services are Registered Migration Agents. Great! …so what does that mean?

To be a Migration Agent in Australia, you must be qualified and be able to demonstrate your technical knowledge of Migration Law and become registered with the Australian Government. In fact it is illegal for anyone to charge for immigration advice in Australia if they are not registered.

All too often we have heard horror stories from Clients who have had terrible service, bad advice and had to constantly chase up their migration advisor for updates, especially when using overseas unregistered agents.

We know what constitutes great service and how to treat a Client, we will offer tailored advice, quickly and effectively manage your case and we will never keep you guessing as to what is going on.

As Registered Agents we have direct access to the Policy Advice Manual (PAM), this is the document which interprets the Legislation and cites examples and guidance and is invaluable in resolving complex cases.

Only Registered Migration Agents and DIBP Officers may have access to PAM, so when you engage a Registered Agent, you are immediately on the same footing as the DIBP Officer who will assess your case!

We also are able to track the progress of use state of the art systems to track the progress of your application and have access to up to the minute Migration Law information keeping us totally informed of the ever changing legislation environment.

Your Australian Immigration Visa is our sole focus, we are not generalist Lawyers we are experts in our field with an in-depth technical knowledge of Migration Law.

Give us a call and you will soon see why our Clients write glowing testimonials and recommend us over all other Migration Agents in Australia and constantly refer their friends and family to us.

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