3 Top Immigration Visa Tips for Australia

3 Top Immigration Visa Tips for Australia
February 3, 2017 888

3 Top Immigration Visa Tips for Australia

The Australian visa application process can be quite challenging for the uninitiated. A variety of different documentation is required to ensure that your application is valid and meets the necessary criteria. If you are in any way unsure of how to proceed and you are feeling overwhelmed it is a good idea to seek out expert advice. The visa process can go smoother if you follow these three simple tips.

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1. Carry Out Some Research

Many people would love to study, work and live in Australia, but they fail at the very first hurdle. It is necessary to carry out some initial research before applying for immigration visas. Australia has some complex rules and conditions that need to be met. It can be very difficult to understand, and this is exacerbated for those that have English as their second language. If the visa is time sensitive for a job offer or to secure a university place delays need to be avoided. Professional immigration advice can be invaluable in reducing delays by ensuring that the correct paperwork is completed correctly with all the relevant information.

2. Check The Document Checklist

The documentation required for obtaining an Australian visa can vary dependant upon the type of visa applied for. To aid in the process of visa and immigration, Australia based authorities at the Department of Immigration have set up a handy Document Checklist. There are different checklists available for each different kind of general visa type. There are three different kinds of documents that need to be gathered; they are identification, character and supporting documents. The first two are fairly self explanatory, the ones that are most problematic for most people are usually the supporting documents. These types of paperwork deal with a lot of “if” type questions, for example, those seeking certain visitor visas may have to provide additional documents if they have a child under the age of 18. The document checklists are only useful for general situations. If the applicant has some kind of special circumstances, they will not be applicable.

3. Review the Documents:

Many people, take a quick look at what is required and rapidly send the documents for their visa application. This is a mistake; it is essential that all applicants check their documents multiple times before sending them. It is very easy to miss a vital piece of paperwork that needs to be sent or to fill in a form incorrectly. Mistakes in spelling or filling in the wrong dates can delay or derail the process entirely. Always have another person proofread the documents and forms before you send them. If you’re in any doubt that you are sending the wrong paperwork, it may be a good idea to use a professional migration specialist.

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