4 Tips to Choose Immigration Agents for a Visa Application

4 Tips to Choose Immigration Agents for a Visa Application
June 16, 2017 888

4 Tips to Choose Immigration Agents for a Visa Application

There are many immigration agents, providing all kinds of immigration services in Perth alone. Given the choices available, how can anyone make an informed decision on which migration service is right for them? When you make your application, you need to have confidence that you’ve chosen the right company. Here four tips that will help you to evaluate a prospective migration service company and check that they are right for you.

1. Is the Migration Agent Registered?

This is the single most important tip on this list and failing to follow this advice will not end well. There are plenty of terrible reports of people using “migration agents” that are not registered. These charlatans have no authority to give any kind of advice on immigration matters, and many of them are con men. A registered migration agent is actually bound to follow a strict code of conduct and will always act in your best interests.

2. Does the Agent Have a Website?

An immigration services company must have a website and some kind of social media presence. This is how many clients will stay in touch with their chosen company, and you need to ensure that the lines of communication are open. Ask a question or leave a comment and see how efficiently it’s answered. There should be a phone number, plenty of information about the services offered and a blog to follow.

3. Are There any Positive Reviews?

A modern company with any kind of internet presence will have reviews somewhere. They can often be found on a Facebook page for the company or on an independent review site. Of course, one can always find a negative review for anything if you look hard enough, but what are the reviews like in general. A good rating over an extended period of time is a good indication that the company is successful. Take some time to read some of the reviews; some immigration services go above and beyond to help their clients with extra help and advice. By following prospective companies on social media, you can get a good idea about what the people running the company are like and how they operate.

4. Is the Agent Too Cheap?

Generally, this is the case with unregistered agents that charge less to entice you to use their “services.” There are also agents that are cheap because they are not very successful or just starting out. When you choose your migration agent, strike a balance between those that are expensive and those that seem to be cheap. A good company will offer excellent services at an affordable price.

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