All You Need to Know About the Subclass 300 Visa

All You Need to Know About the Subclass 300 Visa
August 8, 2017 888

All You Need to Know About the Subclass 300 Visa

300 visa

The Prospective Marriage or Fiance visa is designed for people who want to come to Australia and marry their partner. It is a temporary visa that allows residency for up to nine months. The application must be lodged when the applicant is outside of Australia, but before applying, you should be fully aware of the benefits and restrictions of this visa option.

The Benefits of the SC300 Visa:

The Prospective Marriage visa provides a number of benefits for the happy couple. If you are granted the Subclass 300 visa, you will be able to enter Australia before you marry. You will also have the freedom to travel into and out of the country as often as you want. You can also work or study in Australia, but you will have no access to any government funding for your tertiary studies. The SC300 visa also provides a pathway to apply for the 820 then 801 partner visa after you marry.


In order to qualify for this visa option, you must meet certain criteria. This includes that you intend to marry your prospective spouse and live as a married couple. You will need to know your potential spouse and have met in person. You will also need to be the opposite sex of your prospective spouse. Same sex couples would need to apply for a partner visa that is based on their de facto relationship rather than intent to marry.
Additionally, your prospective spouse would need to sponsor your visa, and you need to be over the age of eighteen and ensure that you meet the character and health requirements.
The Dept of Immigration and Border Protection would also need proof that you intend to marry and your relationship is genuine.

Eligible Prospective Spouses:

In order to sponsor your SC300 visa, your prospective spouse needs to be over the age of eighteen years old and either a permanent resident or citizen of Australia. Your prospective spouse must have met you as an adult and know you personally. The Dept of Immigration and Border Protection will assess all applications carefully and will need to be assured thats a genuine relationship exists between you and your prospective spouse to grant a SC300 visa.


As with any visa, the application for a SC300 visa may appear straightforward, but it is always a good idea to seek out professional help. Migration agents can help guide you through the application process, minimising the risk of delays or rejection due to an incorrect filing. This will not only save you significant costs but also time, stress and frustration.

If you are considering a prospective marriage visa, you should speak to us. The 888 Migration team can assist you with lodging your SC300 visa application, and our advisors are here to address any queries you have.

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