Applying for an 820 Visa? Australia Based Applicants Read This First

Applying for an 820 Visa? Australia Based Applicants Read This First
June 16, 2017 888

Applying for an 820 Visa? Australia Based Applicants Read This First

When you apply for an 820 partner visa, it’s important to understand that it can take a long time to process. Typically, one can expect a processing time of 16 – 20 months, and you need to understand work rights for this period. Here, we can answer some of the most common questions asked by our visa applicants.

Can I Apply for a Work Rights Waiver?

If you have work restrictions on your visa and you want to lift them, you will need a work rights visa. You will need to lodge the appropriate paperwork with immigration authorities; this can only be done if you’re applying for a work rights waiver after you’ve lodged another visa. It usually takes two or three weeks to have a work rights waiver approved. Until the visa is approved, you must continue to meet the conditions of your current visa.

Can I Get a Bridging Visa?

If you lodge your partner visa, whilst you’re out of the country, you may want to get a bridging visa so that you can be with your partner when you return to Australia. However, a bridging visa can only be associated with an application that is made when you are here in Australia. The bridging visa is supposed to act as a temporary visa, between the one currently held and the visa you’re applying for. It is used for the duration of the decision making process on the visa that you’ve applied for. If you’re outside the country and you lodge a 309 partner visa, you can only enter Australia when the visa has been granted. If you want to enter the country before the 309 visa is granted, you will need to meet the requirements of a different visa type, such as an employer sponsored visa or a visitor visa.

When Does the Bridging Visa Start?

Many people believe that lodging a partner visa starts the bridging visa. This is incorrect, an 820 partner visa has the Bridging Visa A (BVA), it’s issued when your 820 partner visa is acknowledged, but it doesn’t begin until your current visa has expired. As an example: If you held a visitor visa that expires in six weeks, your BVA would start in six weeks and one day.

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