How Do You Get an Australian Student Visa

How Do You Get an Australian Student Visa
December 29, 2016 888
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How Do You Get an Australian Student Visa

Many people understand that if you want to live and study in Australia, the process is more complicated than just filling out a student visa application form. There are a number of subclasses of Australian student visa, with each type of visa having a set of basic requirements. So, here we will explore the process of how you can qualify for a student visa.

The Basic Requirements:

In order to be eligible for a student visa, applicants need to apply from overseas and meet health and character criteria. Additionally, the applicant needs to have acceptable insurance through the Overseas Student Health Cover program. You should also have no outstanding debts within the Commonwealth of Australia.
To maintain your student visa, you cannot work more than twenty hours in any week, when the course is in session, and you must remain enrolled in your registered course.

The Types of Student Visa:

The DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection) associates risk to issuing student visas. Therefore the different student visas are awarded on certain assessment factors. Students who have obtained certain qualifications while studying in Australia may be able to apply for a permanent skilled visa on completion of their studies. The types of student visas include:
570: This is the ELICOS Sector subclass for those international students wanting to study an English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students. Where the ELICOS is a prerequisite for a further course, the application must be based on the principle course.
571: This is a Schools Sector subclass for international students undertaking a primary school or secondary school course in Australia. Those on an approved secondary school exchange program may also apply with this subclass.
572: The Vocational Education and Training subclass is for those wanting to study Certificate I, II, III, and IV, Diploma or Advanced Diploma in Australia.
573: This is a Higher Education student visa intended for those whose main course of study is a graduate diploma, graduate certificate or bachelor degree.
574: The Postgraduate Research visa is for applicants wanting to study a Doctoral degree or Masters degree by research in Australia.
575: Non Award Student Visa is for those looking to study a non award foundation course of other full time course that will not lead to an Australian award.
576: Defense or AusAID Sponsored Sector subclass is for international students sponsored by Defense or AusAID for a full time course in Australia.
580: Student Guardian Visa is for the relative or legal custodian of a Student visa holder in Australia. It is designed for the applicant who is accompanying a student under the age of eighteen, while they study in Australia.

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