Migration Agent Perth Advice: How Long Will it Take to Process a Visa?

Migration Agent Perth Advice: How Long Will it Take to Process a Visa?
August 29, 2017 Clarence Ling

One of the first questions that any visa applicant will ask is, how long will it take to process the visa application? Usually, a client will receive the result of their application within the appropriate time frame. However, this is not always the case and giving an exact date can be very difficult. Let’s take a closer look at this issue and examine some of the common time frames for various visas.

The Time Needed for an Application:

A suggested time frame can be given, but it may not always be strictly adhered to. Offering a rigid time limit, when every applicant has a different set of circumstances and needs, would be impossible. It may be the case, which the government requires more time to process a visa application. Perhaps, additional information is needed from the visa applicant before a final decision can be reached. For these reasons, we cannot stress how important it is that a visa applicant receives their results before they make any travel plans. If an applicant purchases flights to Australia and the application is refused, the government will not offer any reimbursement for unwanted and/or rescheduled flights.

Some Estimated Visa Processing Times:

Here are some common estimated visa processing times for a variety of different visas. Please remember that these are only suggestions from the Australian government and they may be subject to change dependant upon a number of factors.

The Work Visas:

Family Visas:

Student Visas:

Travel Visas:

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