Migration Agents Explain Resident Return Visas

Migration Agents Explain Resident Return Visas
February 17, 2017 888

Migration Agents Explain Resident Return Visas

Moving to Australia can be a time consuming and complicated process. Not everyone is interested in obtaining permanent residency when their visas are granted. Many people, visit Australia to activate their visas or look for a new home, other people may have a change of circumstances and need to delay their move for a short period. In these cases, it is likely that a Resident Return Visa will be needed to make sure that your move suits your modified circumstances.


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What is a Resident Return Visa (RRV)?

An RRV is a permanent Australian visa that will allow the holder to leave and then re-enter Australia and still maintain their residency status. It is necessary for all permanent non citizen residents of Australia that want to travel after the first five years of their visa validity period. The two main types of RRV are the 155 and the 157, they are essentially the same and only their validity period is different. A 155 RRV is valid for up to 5 years and a 157 RRV is only valid for three months.

Why Would You Need an RRV?

Many people believe that an Australian permanent residency visa serves as an entry visa as well. This is incorrect; a permanent residency visa allows you to live and work in Australia permanently, but this visa is only valid for entry to Australia for the first five years. After this period an RRV is required to legally re-enter Australia unless you have become an Australian citizen. Most types of permanent resident visas required the holder to activate their visa within one year of completing either their medical or police checks. Of course, this could take place prior to the visa holder making a permanent move to Australia, and in this case, an RRV in addition to a permanent residence visa may be required.

Unforeseen Circumstances

Most people, don’t plan on leaving Australia once they have moved there, so they feel they don’t need an RRV. However, life can sometimes throw up surprises, and it may be necessary to return to your country of origin for a number of reasons, such as a family emergency or perhaps a legal issue that needs to be addressed. To be eligible for a five year 115 RRV the applicant has to have stayed in Australia for at least two years within the last five years. So, having an RRV in place as a safeguard against unforeseen circumstances is a good idea. This will be easy to arrange with a migration agent, Perth residential immigrants can then have peace of mind if they need to unexpectedly leave and then re-enter Australia.

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