Skilled Visa Emigration Options

Skilled Visa Emigration Options
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Skilled Visa Emigration Options

If you have thought about emigrating to Australia, you may have looked at the visa criteria and determined that a skilled visa may be your best option. The GSM or General Skilled Migration program is the most effective path for skilled workers who want to emigrate to Australia. However, there are several paths to obtaining a skilled visa, Australia visitors should be aware of, to determine which is the best option for you.

The Basic Requirements:

In order to qualify for the GSM program, applicants need to meet a set of basic requirements. These include that you are under the age of fifty when you lodge your application, and you can speak English at a minimum of a competent level. Additionally, you will need to have a nominated occupation found on the Skilled Occupations List and pass the skills, health and character assessment.
Additionally, you will need to pass the Points Test for Australian immigration.

The Skilled Visa Options:

There are several aspects of the GSM program. Each option has their own requirements, so you need to be aware of the options to determine which is best suited to your circumstances. These include;

Independent Visa:

The 189 Independent Visa is one of the most popular migration categories. It is geared towards skilled workers with a skillset in high demand. Additionally, the applicant does not require a family or state sponsor.

Nominated Visa:

The 190 Nominated Visa is a state sponsored visa program. The applicant can be sponsored by an Australian Territory or State. To lodge an application, you need to use SkillSelect to submit an Expression of Interest. This can be done while you are in Australia or overseas. To qualify, you need to receive an invitation to apply and meet the basic qualification criteria.

Nominated Provisional Visa:

The 489 provisional nominated visa is similar to the 190 visa, but it is obtained on a temporary basis. It allows for migrants to work and live in a region of Australia. It does require sponsorship by a relative living in a specified area of Australia. Once a 489 visa has been granted, it should be retained for a minimum of two years in order to have eligibility for applying for a permanent visa.


The Employer Nomination Scheme allows for permanent residents to enter Australia if they have a job waiting for the applicant. You can also apply for this type of visa if you currently hold a temporary work visa such as a student visa or working holiday visa.


The Regional skilled migration scheme is an Australian Government program that is limited to certain areas of the country. The scheme allows an employer to sponsor a skilled migrant for their job vacancies. RSMS allows for permanent residency.

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