The Partner Visa: Your First Step Towards a Permanent Residency Visa

The Partner Visa: Your First Step Towards a Permanent Residency Visa
May 25, 2017 888

The Partner Visa: Your First Step Towards a Permanent Residency Visa

The Partner Visa is designed to provide a gateway to living in Australia with your Australian spouse or de facto partner. This subclass visa is the initial step towards a permanent resident visa and can be applied from inside Australia with the 820 visa or offshore using the 309 subclass. So, here we will explore the eligibility and benefits provided on your way to permanent residency.

Eligibility Criteria:

The first stage of eligibility is that your partner is either a permanent resident or citizen of Australia.
If you are applying on the basis of being married to your partner, in addition to being sponsored by an eligible party, you must meet certain other criteria. This includes showing you are in a legal marriage and that you have a mutual commitment and genuine relationship. You should be living together as a couple and comply with all the character and health requirements.
De facto partners need to have been living with their partner for twelve full months prior to application, unless they have registered their relationship. The couple should not be related by family including having a parent in common. You should comply with all the character and health requirements and be living together as partners in a genuine relationship. The applicant must also be over the age of eighteen.

The Benefits of the Partner Visa:

There are a number of benefits associated with being approved for a partner visa. You may leave Australia and re-enter an unlimited number of times. You can also work or study in Australia, but you will not be granted access to government funding for a 2 year period. You may also use the hospital care assistance and medical expenses scheme of Australia (Medicare), but you will need to be in Australia.

Moving Towards a Permanent Residency Visa:

Two years after your first stage temporary visa was lodged, , you will be eligible to apply for permanent residence which is the second stage visa. Usually, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection contacts the applicant or the migration agent used in your previous application.
In order to qualify for a permanent resident visa, you will need to provide the DIBP with documentation and meet the application requirements. This will include demonstrating that you continue to be in a monogamous and genuine relationship with your partner.

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