Understanding the Employer 186 Visa and Other Skilled Visa Subclasses

Understanding the Employer 186 Visa and Other Skilled Visa Subclasses
January 20, 2017 888

Understanding the Employer 186 Visa and Other Skilled Visa Subclasses

Working in Australia as a skilled migrant offers wonderful opportunities for prosperity and broadening your horizons. The economy is flourishing, and skilled workers are needed in a variety of different industries. If you want to come and work in Australia, it is necessary to obtain a skilled visa and undergo other legal procedures. Here we will focus on the different kinds of skilled visas that are available and highlight some details about the application process.

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The Different Work Visas in Australia:

Foreign labour is divided into a number of different subclasses of visa that are very specific.

The Subclass 186 visa is also known as the Employer Nomination Scheme, and it has three streams that are very similar to Subclass 187.

The Subclass 187 visa is known as the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) visa. It includes three streams, they are the: Temporary Residence Transition, Agreements, and Direct Entry streams.

Temporary Residence Transition is a stream for a Subclass 457 visa holder that has completed two years of work with their employer and received an offer for a permanent position.

The Agreements stream is for workers that have received sponsorship through a regional migration or a labour agreement.

The Direct Entry stream is for foreign workers that have only worked in Australia briefly or not at all.

The Subclass 457 Visa is called a Temporary Work visa and this a program that allows the holders to work in Australia for a maximum of four years. They are also allowed to bring their families into the country and travel in and out of Australia without any restrictions.

The Subclass 189 is a visa is for skilled independent migrants that don’t have any kind of sponsorship.

The Subclass 190 is a skilled nominated visa for workers that have received a nomination from an Australian state or a territory. Holders of this permit can live and work in the sponsored territory for two years minimum and then can migrate to Australia on a permanent basis.

The Subclass 489 is a Sponsored (Provisional) or Nominated visa for those foreign worker that have received sponsorship or nomination.

The General Application Process for Visas:

Applicants for skilled visas need to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) that details information, such as education, work experience, English proficiency and a skills assessment. All applicants need to have an occupation which is listed on the Skilled Occupation List or the Consolidated Skilled Occupation List. Also, a Points Test needs to be passed successfully for the application to be considered by the nominating state or the employer that is the sponsor.

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