Understanding the Prospective Marriage 300 Visa

Understanding the Prospective Marriage 300 Visa
May 25, 2017 888

Understanding the Prospective Marriage 300 Visa

When they first encounter the Prospective Marriage 300 visa, Australia based citizens, and prospective spouses can become confused. There are a number of circumstances to cover, such as eligibility, sponsorship and waiting periods, to name only a few. Let’s take a closer look at how this visa works in practice and some of the important criteria that are necessary for a successful application.

Who is Eligible for a Prospective Marriage Visa?

An applicant must be a minimum of 18 years old.
The applicant and their partner must have met each other in person since they both passed 18 years of age.
The Applicant and prospective spouse must know each other personally.
There must be a genuine intention to marry within the nine month period following the granting of the visa.
Both parties must genuinely intend to live together as spouses after becoming married.
The applicant must meet character and health requirements.

It should be noted that other criteria may apply depending on a number of factors. It may be possible to include family members in an application, contact us for more detailed information.

Who Can Sponsor a 300 Visa?

There could be limitations on the sponsor depending on their particular circumstances. This may be especially true if the sponsor has been sponsored by someone else or previously sponsored someone else for a partner visa. The basic requirements for a sponsor are: the sponsor must 18 years of age and an Australian permanent resident or an Australian citizen.

What is a Prospective Marriage Visa?

The Prospective Marriage visa is also called the “fiance visa, ” or sometimes the “300 visa” as that is its subclass number. It’s for people that want to come to Australia to marry a prospective spouse that is an Australian citizen or permanent resident.. This visa allows the holder to enter Australia before becoming married, work in Australia, travel to and from Australia as whenever they want and study in Australia without public funding. The visa lasts for nine months, and if the holder marries their fiance within this period, they are then eligible to apply for the 2nd stage Partner Visa, the subclass 820.

The Permanent Partner Visa:

If you have fulfilled all the criteria of the Prospective Marriage visa and have become married, you may be eligible to apply for a permanent Partner visa. This is usually a two stage process, an application is made first for a temporary Partner visa and then two years later for a permanent Partner visa. The temporary Partner visa application acts as an application for the later permanent Partner visa application, so only a single application payment is made to the Department of Immigration.

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If they would like to learn more about the class 300 visa, Australia based citizens, and other interested parties should contact us. At 888 Migration, we have vast experience in all aspects of migration including prospective marriage visas. Get in touch with us; we look forward to discussing your needs in further detail.

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