Why You Should Use a Migration Agent When Applying for a Permanent Partner Visa

Why You Should Use a Migration Agent When Applying for a Permanent Partner Visa
February 23, 2017 888

Why You Should Use a Migration Agent When Applying for a Permanent Partner Visa


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The visa application process in Australia can be hard to understand for the uninitiated. Many people choose to find a migration agent that understands the process and can help with their application. It is strongly recommended that a prospective applicant seeks out some professional assistance to make the process smoother. Here is a quick primer on how a migration agent can help you when you’re applying for a partner visa.

What is a Migration Agent?

A migration agent in Australia is a person that is registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA). There are people around that will claim to be migration agents, but they are not registered with MARA. Some people, are attracted to these “agents” because they are usually cheaper, but there are pitfalls in using their services. When you use a registered agent, you can be sure that they are aware of all the latest procedures and laws pertaining to migration. Using a registered agent also gives you legal protection and ensures that you will receive the very best up to date advice.

Do You Need a Migration Agent?

Perhaps you’re still not convinced? Anyone can lodge any asylum claims or visa applications online, and the Department of Immigration and Border Protection will accept them regardless of who lodged them. However, if your case is a complex one or if you don’t feel confident in lodging your application, you will need some help. You will still be responsible for the accuracy of the information you provide and any documentation that you have. A registered migration agent cannot guarantee that your application will be fast tracked or that it will be successful. However, a migration agent can help a great deal in ensuring that the documentation is correct and offer essential advice on dealing with the process.

How Do You Use a Migration Agent?

Pick a reputable registered local migration agent using MARA to act on your behalf. Your agent will inform the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and ask you to complete a form confirm they are acting as your migration agent. If you need an Australia partner visa, the department will discuss your application with your agent and ask for further information. Any communications you may receive regarding your application must be sent to your migration agent, and they become your authorised recipient. Any written communication sent to your agent should be regarded as being received by you.

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Need Professional Help With The Application Process?

The Visa application process is difficult. It is common for self-prepared applications to get rejected. We know how important it is that your application is approved and we are here to make sure that it does.

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