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Why Choose 888 for your Immigration Services?

Great question…

In 1676 Sir Isaac Newton famously said of his success that he “had stood on the shoulders of Giants” meaning of course that he had benefitted from the learnings of the many that had gone before him.

With such an important life altering decision, why risk a chance by going solo on your visa application? 888 Migration have processed hundreds of visas of all types and can bring all the experience gained in each application to help you.

The visa process can be complicated and stressful, with hundreds of visa pathways, a multitude of forms, questions and evidence required to prove your case.

The Australian visa process is one of the most difficult in the world to get through. It is so easy to make a mistake on your application, and end up with your visa being rejected or your current visa cancelled.

As well as costing you time and frustration, a rejected application will cost you thousands of dollars in Government application charges. A new Client of ours recently had a partner visa rejected that they had applied for themselves, to re-apply meant a whole new application at a cost of over $6,800 going straight to the Government..!

You owe it to yourself to use the best immigration services in Australia
888 Migration Services offer a personalised planning service, with options tailored to suit your particular circumstances. We will find the best visa pathway for you to give you maximum chance of success and save you thousands.

So, if you are serious about your application stand on the shoulders of Giants and use 888 Migration Services
We’ll maximise your chances of success without making costly mistakes.

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We cater for all of the following:

  • Parent Visas
  • Spouse / Partner
  • Student Visas
  • Skilled – Independent Visas
  • Skilled – Employer Sponsored
  • Visitor Visas
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