All You Need to Know About the 457 Visa

All You Need to Know About the 457 Visa
December 29, 2016 888

All You Need to Know About the 457 Visa

If you are looking to immigrate to Australia, you are likely to have been overwhelmed by the different visa applications. However, the 457 visa is one of the popular ways to relocate to Australia. The 457 visa is a long stay Skilled Temporary Business visa and is commonly used for employers to temporarily sponsor overseas prospects to work in Australia. So, here is all you need to know, to determine if it is your best course of action.

The 457 Visa Basics:

The 457 Visa is one of the most commonly used programs and allows special arrangements for employers in various regional areas around Australia. If the visa application is successful, the candidate will be granted temporary residence status in Australia. This also has provision for multiple exit and re-entry into Australia without restrictions for the duration of the visa. The sponsored employee may stay for the length of the validity period for the visa, and the visa does not automatically expire when the sponsorship expires. The candidate can also continue to apply for permanent visa programs while on a 457 visa.

Requirements for a 457 Visa:

If you are looking to apply for a 457 Visa, Australia visitors must meet certain requirements. These requirements include that you have obtained sponsorship from an employer to satisfy a nominated position. You must have the experience, qualifications, skills and employment background to match the requirements of the position. You should also be eligible for any required registration or relevant licences which may be needed for the nominated position. Finally, you will need to demonstrate that you will be paid the minimum salary level, which applies when the decision is made on the visa.

The Application Process:

There are three basic stages in applying for a 457 visa. The first stage involves lodging an application for employer sponsorship. The employer will need to be approved as a sponsor, so the employer will need to demonstrate that the company is actively and lawfully operating as a business. The employer will need to confirm that they will be the direct employer and have a sound business record. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection will also want confirmation that this employment would bring economic benefit to the country and that the employee’s skillset would be advanced with training.

The second stage of the process occurs when the employer lodges a business nomination. During this process, the employer will need to show that the position will be paid above the minimum salary level and meets the minimum skill set related to the occupation. Additionally, the company will need to show that they are an approved business sponsor.

Finally, the visa application will need to be lodged. At this stage, the employee will need to show that they have the required skills and qualifications for the position.

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