Choose a Registered Perth Migration Agent

Choose a Registered Perth Migration Agent
June 16, 2017 888

Choose a Registered Perth Migration Agent

Applying for a visa is a very time consuming, stressful and occasionally frustrating process. There is a lot of red tape to negotiate, regulations to follow and rules to consider. If this wasn’t enough, the rules and regulations on immigration are subject to change, and it’s important to stay ahead of the curve. This is why many people choose to use a migration agent, and it’s important to choose the person. When they are looking for the best migration agent, Perth based applicants need to choose an agent that is registered.

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MARA Registration:

When you choose a migration agent, always make sure that they are MARA registered. MARA stands for Migration Agents Registration Authority, and it’s a code of conduct used it the migration field. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) is affiliated with MARA, and they act as an industry regulator. When you’re using a MARA registered agent, you can be certain that they are above board and regulated by the relevant government agency. This should give you more confidence going forward, and you can search online for agents that are MARA registered.

The Levels of Success:

Whether you choose to make an application yourself or use a registered migration agent, there is no guaranteed success. However, it is fair to say that an application made with the assistance of a migration agent has a much better chance of succeeding. Australian government statistics have shown that approximately 75% of people that apply for employer sponsored visas, use a registered migration agent. Any migration specialist you ask will be able to tell you, that many of their clients have previously tried to make applications on their own and failed.

What Does a Migration Agent Do?

The migration agent will prepare your application for you; they act as a liaison with immigration authorities, they provide advice on the visa process and help you if the visa is refused with any appeals. Because they are experts on all the current procedures and legalities regarding immigration, migration agents can smooth the application process. When a mistake is made in filing an application, it can delay the process or even derail it entirely. It’s important to understand all the possible pitfalls and how to best avoid them. When you use a registered migration agent, you have an expert that is acting in your best interests, and this will be very helpful throughout the visa application process.

Applying for a visa can be a difficult and stressful, a migration agent will make the process simpler and more efficient. If they are looking for migration agents Perth Wa residents should contact us. At 888 Migration, we are experts in all aspects of immigration law and practices. All of our agents are registered and able to provide the best advice and assistance available.

Need Professional Help With The Application Process?

The Visa application process is difficult. It is common for self-prepared applications to get rejected. We know how important it is that your application is approved and we are here to make sure that it does.

If you would like to have your application managed by experts who can get you the best outcome, then call 888 Migration Services and talk with us about how we can help.

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